Hudson Construction Group has a full service in-house preconstruction capabilities from value engineering, budgeting, to full project estimating, schedule analysis, site analysis and overall management between General Contractor, Client, Architect and Municipality. We can provide the worry-free hassle of figuring out the who, what, when and where of a project from inception through completion.

Hudson Construction Group team possesses over 30 years of combined project management and estimating experience ensuring that your project will both be estimated competitively in the industry and constructed with quality and compassion for our client.

Our early involvement will assist in the ability to have a smooth transition from preconstruction to construction to ensure your project is “designed, built and delivered” in a manner that meets your expectations.

Hudson Construction Group is your go-to provider for comprehensive, in-house preconstruction services, including value engineering, budgeting, full project estimating, schedule analysis, and site analysis. Our expertise assures a streamlined management process between the General Contractor, Client, Architect, and Municipality. We handle the intricacies of your project, offering a hassle-free experience from the beginning to the end.

At Hudson Construction Group, our pre-construction service begins with a deep understanding of your objectives. Backed by our immense experience, skilled estimating team, and design-phase partners, we initiate collaboration early to provide accurate cost estimation, value-added alternatives, reliable scheduling data, and a GUARANTEED maximum price.

Our team will ensure that your project is competitively priced and built with a strong focus on quality and exceeding our client’s needs. With our early involvement, we enable a smooth transition from pre-construction to construction, with the assurance that your project will be designed, built, and delivered to meet your specific expectations.

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