Construction Management

Hudson Construction Group offers our clients a complete package of design and construction services under one contract. Through our strategic alliances with design-build architects and engineers we assemble the right team, take your initial ideas, offer strategies and selections and ultimately deliver a project that achieves your unique requirements faster and more effectively.

As your single point contact, we are accountable for providing a seamless transition from design through construction resulting in cost effective, timely and functional projects.

The molding and shaping of an idea from vision to execution is what design-build is all about. This building method has great potential for added value on a construction project. HCG brings design-build experience to the table with every project.

Choosing the right team is important. Fortunately, HCG has the experience to assemble a team with the right mix of skill sets, tailored to the specific needs of the project. Our construction managers add value to the process by contributing input on budgeting, logistics, cost management, and constructability.

Hudson Construction Group proudly provides an integrated suite of design and construction services all under one umbrella. Our strategic alliances with renowned design-build architects and engineers empower us to curate the perfect team for your project. We take your foundational ideas, enhance them with our strategic insights and diverse selections, and ultimately bring to fruition a project that not only meets but surpasses your unique requirements.

As your central point of contact, we shoulder the responsibility of ensuring a smooth transition from design to construction, with the aim of creating cost-efficient, punctual, and highly functional projects.  Our construction managers augment the process with valuable input on budgeting, logistics, cost management, and constructability.

Design-build is all about observing the growth process starting at its conception to its execution stage. Our approach harbors significant potential for added value, and Hudson Construction Group applies its vast design-build experience to every project.

Choosing the right team is crucial and Hudson Construction Group has the expertise necessary and team to bring a balanced mix of skills, custom-tailored to meet your project’s specific requirements.


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